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Southwest Utility Offers Energy Cost Guarantee

March 01, 1999

Anticipating the greater demand for customer service under electric utility restructuring, Tucson Electric Power (TEP), on April 1, 1997, launched its Heating, Cooling & Comfort Guarantee (TEP Guarantee) home certification program. [continue reading]


Earth Building Takes New Shapes

May 01, 1999

It takes a long time for even the hottest summer sun to warm up a heavy earthen structure. That's one reason that earth has been a popular building material in hot climates for many centuries and is still common in the sizzling Southwest where I live. [continue reading]


Health House Cold Climate Standards Keep Occupants Warm and Dry

November 01, 1999

Monthly utility costs, maintenance costs, comfort, and healthy indoor air are as important as a price tag when it comes to affordable housing. [continue reading]

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