Don Stevens

Don Stevens is National Research and Development Manager for Panasonic Home & Environment Company.

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Weatherization Ventilation

Author: Don Stevens
March 01, 2010

The mantra of responsible new home building has been make it tight and ventilate right. Works for existing homes too. [continue reading]


Mechanical Ventilation for the Home

Author: Don Stevens
March 01, 1996

All houses and apartments need an efficient way to exhaust stale, moist indoor air and introduce outdoor air. [continue reading]


Ventilation Facts and Fallacies in Manufactured Homes

July 01, 1997

Window inlet vents are an alternate way to provide fresh air using an exhaust fan. When the fan is on, it slightly depressurizes the house, causing makeup air to enter through the window vents with minimal heat loss. [continue reading]

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