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Benefits of Demand-Controlled Pumping

June 12, 2007

        Much water and energy is wasted in residential buildings, due to poorly designed, poorly installed—and therefore poorly functioning—hot water delivery systems. Homes built in the ... [continue reading]


Looking for a Comfortable Low-Flow Shower Experience

Author: Gary Klein
May 06, 2009

 Q. John Koeller notes how the plumbing industry has taken advantage of the lack of any prohibition against multiple head and body spray luxury shower installations resulting in many very high flow installations (“... [continue reading]


If You Were Plumbing, How Much Beer Would You Hold?

Author: Gary Klein
December 10, 2018

You open the hot-water tap. Then you wait for the hot water to flow. How long? (Too long, according to most people, I say.) The time depends on flow rate, the amount of water in ... [continue reading]

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