Bruce Torrey

Bruce Torrey is a Certified Infrared Thermographer and consultant with the Massachusetts based company, Building Diagnostics. As specialists in health, comfort and efficiency improvements they service both new construction and existing buildings. He can be reached at

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The Dry-Pack Cellulose Alternative

Author: Bruce Torrey
May 07, 2007

The dry-pack option offers an alternative to supercompetitive fiberglass insulation bidding or high-end spray foam installations. [continue reading]


Frozen Pipes Dilemmas: The Hard Cold Facts of Insulation Effectiveness and Building Tightness

June 16, 2011

When the air temperature inside the heated space is cold enough to freeze plumbing, clearly there's a problem. [continue reading]


Blower Door Cruise Control

Author: Bruce Torrey
March 01, 1994

The use of pressure differential diagnostics to measure and interpret air leakage is changing the way blower-door users approach buildings. [continue reading]

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