Rick Karg

Rick Karg is president of Residential Energy Dynamics, LLC, an innovative software firm providing free online energy and building diagnostic tools.

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CO Testing for the Real World

Author: Rick Karg
January 01, 2002

Field inspections of gas ranges and laboratory tests provide the basis for a proposed CO emissions testing protocol. [continue reading]


Building Science 201: Combustion

Author: Rick Karg
July 01, 2013

The more we understand about combustion appliances, the better we can serve the houses we work in. [continue reading]


Ventilation in the 2019 California Energy Code

Author: Rick Karg
June 03, 2019

It is not unusual for California to be first and unique. Just one year after the 1973 oil embargo exposed this country’s reliance on foreign oil, California was the first state to implement a ... [continue reading]

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