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Weatherization Test Drives Spray Sealant

November 01, 2001

New aerosol spray technology can allow weatherization crews to seal even tiny duct leaks in places that are difficult to reach using conventional methods. [continue reading]


Affordable Cooling with Window Air Conditioners

July 01, 1993

While families in southern climates use a considerable amount of energy during the cooling season, conservation programs aimed at reducing air conditioning electricity consumption usually only target homes with central air conditioning, reflecting a general belief that homes with window units can't produce significant savings. [continue reading]


Cooling Benefits from Exterior Masonry Wall Insulation

March 01, 1994

Masonry, or concrete block, housing construction is common throughout the southern United States, where cooling demands are significant. [continue reading]


Saving Energy in Military Family Housing

July 01, 1996

More than 350,000 families live in U.S. military housing. The buildings, most of which were built 20-40 years ago, are often energy inefficient. [continue reading]

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