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Of Mastic and Mistakes

May 01, 2001

        My company has been in the HVAC business for eight years. Last year, our crews passed the 100- mile mark—they sealed their 100th mile of ductwork. They ... [continue reading]


Best Practices for Sealing HVAC Systems

May 07, 2007

Energy Star programs are requiring more expertise from HVAC crews. Here are some helpful training hints. [continue reading]


The Key to Residential Energy Efficiency

September 04, 2007

Most of you reading this magazine are probably lucky enough to have energy conservation efforts in your area. Many of these efforts take the form of programs that encourage, support, and incentivize energy saving but ... [continue reading]


How to Keep 'Em Down Home in the Socket

November 01, 1994

Compact fluorescent lighting technology has changed radically in the past three years. The lights have gotten smaller, the light quality has improved, and the variety of sizes and shapes has increased. [continue reading]


Duct Improvement in the Northwest Part II: Mobile Homes

January 01, 1996

Although the thermal shell of the typical mobile home has changed radically over the last 30 years, the air distribution system has not. The walls have gone from 2 x 2 framing with an R-4 fiberglass batt to 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 walls with a high-density R-21 batt (codes vary from state to state). [continue reading]


Pressure Pans: New Uses and Old Fundamentals

January 01, 1998

Duct leakage continues to be one of the biggest home performance problems, so duct sealing retrofits are in steady demand. Here at Ecotope and Delta-T, we've discovered a way for advanced duct sealers to speed up their diagnostics. [continue reading]


Oversized Kitchen Fans--An Exhausting Problem

January 01, 1999

The Bigger is Better mentality strikes deep into the heart of the American home. Sure, American consumers will live with low flush toilets; they'll put up with low-wattage lights; but when it comes to the kitchen, they want the culinary equivalent of the sports utility vehicle. [continue reading]


Residential HVAC Mythbusting

September 01, 2011

Two nagging duct questions answered [continue reading]

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