Danny Parker

Danny Parker is principal research scientist at the Florida Solar Energy Center where he works within DOEs Building America program. He has enjoyed participating in low energy home research since 1978.

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Part 1: Evaluation of Mini-Split Heat Pumps as Supplemental and Full System Retrofits in a Hot-Humid Climate

November 30, 2017

More stringent energy efficiency standards and the demand for higher efficiency are increasing the popularity of technologies such as mini-split heat pumps (MSHPs). The market for ductless heat pumps is growing 10–30% annually. The U.... [continue reading]


From Energy Guzzler to Near Zero Energy Home: Lessons from the Phased Deep Retrofit Project

December 06, 2017

Between 2012 and 2014, DOE sponsored the Phased Deep Retrofit (PDR) study in 60 all-electric Florida homes. The purpose of the study, which was conducted by researchers at the Florida Solar Energy Center, was to establish annual energy ... [continue reading]


A Solar-Assisted Heat Pump Water Heater

December 10, 2018

Water heating in residential buildings has become more important as the overall efficiency of buildings has improved over the last decade, with energy efficiency code requirements for A/C, lighting, and the building envelope. Modest ... [continue reading]

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