Scott Pigg

Scott Pigg is principal project manager at Energy Center of Wisconsin.

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A Rating Tale

Author: Scott Pigg
January 01, 2001

HERS ratings have been structured to be as independent of occupant behavior as possible. Maybe that premise should be reexamined. [continue reading]


Wisconsin Multifamily Benchmark

March 01, 2007

Madison Gas and Electric's goal was simply to give its customers a sense of the range of electricity and gas costs across a variety of larger multifamily properties. [continue reading]


Testing Duct Leakage Assumptions

March 09, 2009

In Midwest houses where little or no ductwork runs though unconditioned spaces, normal assumptions about duct leakage to the outside may not apply. [continue reading]


Unplug for Savings

September 02, 2010

After years of research, by government agencies, utilities, and others, much is known about energy hogs in the home, such as space heating, space cooling, and hot water. We know a lot less about the ... [continue reading]


Weatherization and Indoor Air Quality

January 03, 2017

Air sealing is one of the best ways to lower heating-and-cooling bills for many home weatherization programs, and especially so for the federal Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). Most homes receive blower door-guided air sealing to ... [continue reading]

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