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Leak Detectors: Experts Explain the Techniques

Author: Various Authors
September 01, 1993

This article is an effort to bring together the ideas of several innovators who have invented methods of diagnosing duct leakage. [continue reading]


Today's Weather: Rain in the Living Room!

Author: Bruce Davis
March 01, 1997

Last summer, the Applied Building Science Center received a call to investigate a North Carolina multifamily residence where it was raining inside the apartment. This home serves as an example of the need for good air sealing and a whole-building approach. [continue reading]


Building for Better Breathing

Author: Bruce Davis
September 01, 1998

When my family and I had our home built here in North Carolina, good ventilation and air filtration were top priorities because my daughter has problems with allergies and asthma. [continue reading]

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