DIY Energy Audits For Rent

Posted by Macie Schreibman on September 29, 2011
DIY Energy Audits For Rent
Southern Australia's home energy toolkit.

The Government of South Australia is tackling energy audits a little differently—by not using auditors. Available to all residents are what the government is calling a “home energy toolkit,” which can be rented or borrowed, at a number of public libraries for homeowners to take home and use.

Each home energy toolkit contains the items below, and comes with the following descriptions:

  • Appliance meter: A small meter that can measure the energy use, cost and greenhouse gas emissions of appliances (such as fridges and microwaves). It is also useful to measure stand-by power used by appliances.
  • Infrared thermometer: Measure the temperature of your hot water, fridge and freezer. 
  • Room thermometer: Measure the air temperature around your home. 
  • Compass: Identify which direction your home faces so you can think about shading north, east and west facing windows. 
  • Stopwatch: Helps to find out the flow rate of water from your showers and taps. 
  • DIY energy audit manual and worksheets: Includes information, pictures, and diagrams to help you carry out your audit.

Armed with these tools, homeowners can also visit the government website to watch a short, instructional video on how to find out their energy use at home.

What are your thoughts?  Should the U.S. be doing something similar? Share by commenting below.

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