How Can Your Company Use YouTube To Get More Traffic?

Posted by Haley Butler on October 18, 2012
How Can Your Company Use YouTube To Get More Traffic?

Social media is one of the most effective online marketing tools that today’s businesses have. In order to be relevant, maintain a strong online presence and have consistent traffic and leads, today’s businesses are utilizing all aspects of social media. For the home performance industry, this is especially important as much of the business that comes to these industries is customer-driven.

YouTube is one of the most popular sites for uploading and sharing videos online. Each day, there are millions of users that take advantage of the site, sharing and watching these short clips. Each video leaves room for viewers to comment or ‘like’ the video, creating more exposure. The more traffic the video receives, the more it is featured on the site, and the better placement it will have in organic search rankings.

So how exactly does YouTube benefit the home performance industry, say, a small A/C and heating company?

Image Branding

Video branding is one of the greatest advantages that can be gained from YouTube. For a small A/C and heating company, the goal is to be viewed as an authority in the field, something that is difficult to accomplish in writing. With a video, companies can show viewers exactly how to execute DIY projects. The company should be branded in the process, such as by having a backdrop that displays the company name or logo.

How-To Videos

Being in the home performance industry, the best types of videos to include on YouTube are how-to videos. YouTube reports that they currently have more than 1,700,000 how-to videos on their site. Why? Because viewers want solutions they can follow along to. In a how-to video, take the time to walk your viewers through each step. When viewers like what they see, they will continue to rely on your videos for accurate, reliable information.


To get decent placement in Google’s search rankings, A/C and heating companies often work with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service provider to utilize good SEO tactics. Well, YouTube matters when it comes to SEO, and with recent changes to Google’s search algorithms, it’s more important than ever for service industry providers to employ social media networks. To have good SEO, create a compelling title that is direct and includes popular keywords. This will ultimately drive more traffic to your video.


Obviously, online marketing is the main reason why businesses set up social media accounts in the first place. But to be most relevant, make sure your marketing approach is well organized. An A/C and heating company can share regular videos related to new products, green innovations and DIY projects. Include a call-to-action so that viewers complete the desired action, such as ‘liking’ your Facebook page, following your Twitter account or subscribing to your YouTube videos.


To further your online marketing approach, be sure that the video is being shared on a variety of platforms. Tweet the video, upload the post to your Facebook page or blog and share it on your personal web site. The more the video is shared, the more traffic it will get. Also, when it’s shared on a variety of sites, it reaches different types of people, such as those who may not have Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Being in this industry is not always easy, but companies do have a major advantage when utilizing social media networks like YouTube. Always be sure that your videos are professional, use adequate lighting, and provide useful information. Encourage viewers to leave a comment or visit your website, and always include your company’s URL or phone number. With the careful implementation of YouTube, companies can get the traffic and leads they deserve.


Haley Butler represents Eurotech, a Richland, Virginia-based HVAC company. In addition to HVAC, they also excel in radiant heating, and furnace work.

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