BPI Celebrates 20 Years

Posted by Macie Melendez on January 28, 2013
BPI Celebrates 20 Years

The year 1993 was a big one for the Building Performance Institute, better known to all of us as simply BPI. It was the year they started, and the year that 35 building performance professionals gathered to develop a set of principles for the industry.

In 1993, BPI was established under New York State’s NYSTAR program with a mandate to create a Building Performance Field Manual. Three years later, in 1996, BPI was incorporated and officially issued its first certifications that went to energy auditors and installation personnel. 

As BPI celebrates its 20th birthday this year, they can proudly say that they’ve played a vital role in the quality of work done in this industry. Today, BPI-certified professionals in all 50 states, U.S. territories, and seven foreign countries hold more than 42,000 active certifications. As of December 2012, BPI had 216 test centers and more than 150 energy efficiency programs that required BPI nationwide. Additionally, roughly 600 BPI-accredited contracting companies perform work that adheres to the organization’s third-party Quality Assurance Program.

Along the way, BPI has also played a big role in the pages of Home Energy—most recently when the organization launched the Home Energy Professional Certifications. It’s likely, however, that you also read “Moving Forward with Building Performance,” an article authored in 2005 by then-executive director of BPI, Courtney Moriarta.

In her article, she wrote about changes in the industry and what we had learned so far. She also stated, “We at BPI are working to take the building performance movement to the next level. But we are not doing this alone. It is only through the cooperative efforts of our partnerships with technical experts, trainers, program sponsors, government, and the building science industry at large that we can realistically effect change of any significance.” That sentiment is still largely a part of BPI’s mission. In a news release about their 20th year, today’s chief executive officer Larry Zarker says, “[BPI’s] achievements are possible due to the heroic efforts of so many impassioned contractors, trainers, program managers and others, whose dedication and perseverance has made it possible to accomplish what could only have been described as a dream in the early 90s.”

There’s no doubt that a lot has changed in home performance since 1993, and we here at Home Energy want to congratulate BPI on 20 years of forward motion. We also greatly look forward to continued collaborations and shared successes in an industry that has learned a lot and continues to learn from one another—all toward a shared goal of quality and comfort.


You can read more about BPI’s 20-year history here.

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