You Are Not Alone

Posted by Macie Schreibman on July 14, 2011
You Are Not Alone

The results are in! Published in early May, Home Energy magazine’s annual survey went out to thousands of our readers, both online and in print, who took the time to answer questions about themselves – everything from how their organizations are funded to what online features they’d like Home Energy to include. And we’re happy to report that you all have a lot in common.
We have already started incorporating your interests into our 2012 editorial calendar and plan to take the rest of these findings into account in order to improve our website, magazine, and overall product.
Below are snippets of the results.
Home Energy readers are:

  • 40% building/energy consultants
  • 37% home performance auditor/analyst 

Our readers work for small companies:

  • 52.3% work in companies with 1–4 employees
  • 15.7% work in companies with 5–19 employees 

A majority (81%) of our readers do not have a governmental affiliation.
They primarily hold BPI and RESNET certifications:

  • 62.5% BPI
  • 33.6% RESNET

Readers enjoy both the print and online versions of Home Energy:

  • 30.9% subscribe to both online and print
  • 19.2% subscribe in print

They spend time with, and hold onto, the magazine:

  • 37.1% spend an hour reading either in print or online
  • 71% keep the magazine, referring back to it at various levels (either a couple times a year, often, sometimes, or rarely)

They like reading technical and how-to articles, quickly followed by case studies:

  • 79% enjoy technical most
  • 78% enjoy how-to most
  • 64% enjoy case studies most

They think Home Energy’s technical articles are “just technical enough” (75.1%).
They’d like to see webinars added online (25.1%), shortly followed by more affordable online subscription options (20%).
Thank you to all of our readers! Be sure to also participate in our new biweekly poll.

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