10,000 GreenPoint Homes in CA

Posted by Macie Schreibman on November 17, 2011
10,000 GreenPoint Homes in CA

The California-based nonprofit, Build It Green recently announced a huge milestone: 10,000 single- and multi-family homes will receive the organization's GreenPoint Rated label by the end of 2011.

Together, these GreenPoint Rated homes will save California over 112 million gallons of water and nearly 9,000 tons of greenhouse gases.

The GreenPoint rating system assigns points based on five categories: Energy Efficiency, Resource Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Water Conservation, and Community Benefits. Point values are determined based on the use of verified green construction practices and sustainable materials that exceed California's residential building and energy code requirements.

To ensure a home is built or remodeled to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impacts, GreenPoint assesses points based on green building techniques including:

  • Increasing energy efficiency by implementing energy saving construction techniques and equipment such as solar power, solar water heating, and Energy Star appliances
  • Conserving water with toilets, faucets, showerheads, and landscaping that require less water
  • Creating healthier indoor air quality by using less toxic paint and installing appropriate ventilation systems to reduce levels of chemicals, dust, and mold
  • Using reclaimed or sustainable building materials like bamboo and recycled glass to protect forests and reduce landfill waste
  • Creating livable communities, enhancing quality of life and minimizing pollution through community benefits like proximity to public transportation, stores, and other services

In addition to environmental benefits, homes that have been built or remodeled using green building techniques have been shown to lower the cost of monthly utility bills, home maintenance, and repairs.

To celebrate the 10,000-home accomplishment, Build It Green will be hosting an event on Thursday, December 1 at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, California.


GreenPoint Rated is overseen by Build It Green, a membership supported nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote healthy, energy- and resource-efficient homes in California.

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