Best Buy Enters the Energy Auditing Field

Posted by Macie Schreibman on November 21, 2011
Best Buy Enters the Energy Auditing Field

If you buy electronics from Best Buy, you can rely on their Geek Squad to come to your home and help you should those electronics have a problem. But now, the Geek Squad is going one step further and offering home energy audits to its customers.

Here’s how it works. Step 1: A Geek Squad Agent comes into the customer’s home and performs an interview to determine how energy is used and where their money is going each month. Step 2: The Squad explains to customers how they can reduce bills and energy use with small changes (switching to CFLs, turning off electronics when they are not in use, or ensuring they are running optimally) and large ones (getting a blower door test done and adding insulation). Step 3: If the customer agrees, the Geek Squad can do small replacements right then and there, and additional auditing can be done.

Although the Best Buy website doesn’t say what kind of training their Agents have in energy auditing, it does share that they know how to perform a blower door test, as well as use infrared imaging—and, most importantly, offer the data and results to their customers.

What’s your opinion on Best Buy getting into the energy auditing field? Comment below with your thoughts.

You can also view the Best Buy video explaining their new services here.

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