Babies and Energy

Posted by Macie Melendez on April 15, 2014
Babies and Energy
Our first steps into our home together.

I’ve just returned to the office from maternity leave and have been giving energy a lot of thought recently—human energy that is. More specifically, how is it possible that I still have the energy to take care of my newborn baby boy when I’m getting less sleep than I’ve ever gotten in my entire life? Also, how does this tiny human—who only requires the basics (food, sleep, love)—take so much energy from his two loving parents? The only conclusion I can come to is not rational: Love conquers exhaustion.

Also, the future promise of my child eventually sleeping through the night (people say this happens…and they better not be lying), and eventually giving me a smile that shows he recognizes my face in contrast to all others, gets me through these early days. The days I hear parents long for once their children are all grown up. (I’m not sure how that’s possible but as a first-time mom, I’m going to believe it.)

My son has also reminded me that home is a special place. In his mere six weeks on Earth, he has already made our tiny city apartment feel more cozy and warm than it’s ever felt in the six years we’ve lived there. While we don’t have the most energy-efficient home (think old and drafty), we do appreciate efficiency and try to live accordingly. Like the readers and authors of Home Energy, we care about how our home operates and, as renters, we know there are better systems available to make our home more comfortable. Not surprisingly, these comforts are what often drive homeowners to remodel, retrofit, and upgrade their homes.

Home is where you wake up in the morning and where you go at the end of the day. Who wouldn’t want that place to be comfortable? While the home performance industry is driven by science, data, and measurement, it’s also reliant upon understanding comfort. Home performance doesn’t always translate well to the consumer—the homeowner who doesn’t understand how his or her home works and/or doesn’t care—but when you really think about it, we all want the same thing: a home that’s warm when it’s cold outside and cold when it’s warm outside. A home that has a room big enough to hold the ones we love, and a home that has doors when we want to be alone.

There’s no doubt that our industry can provide that, and having a child has made me appreciate what we do in a different way. I’ve always known that the work Home Energy magazine does is important, but helping people live healthier and more comfortably isn’t just practical, it’s what makes a house a home.

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