Q&A with Corey Breed, Vent Cap Systems

Posted by Macie Schreibman on June 23, 2011
Q&A with Corey Breed, Vent Cap Systems
At the most recent ACI conference that took place in San Francisco, Home Energy had the opportunity to see old friends and, of course, make new ones. Although there were many great conversations had, there were a few people that stuck out to me. One of those people was Corey Breed, founder of Vent Cap Systems. We were trade show floor neighbors and we got to talking.

Corey started the conversation by telling me that he had come up with something to replace the tape that auditors use to cover vents while doing duct testing for energy efficiency in homes. He said, "Think about this: Two auditors or technicians who are sealing two A/C vent systems each, on weekdays only, will throw away more than $23,000 in tape—over a mile of plastic—every five years." And that’s not even taking into account the negative environmental impact of the tape, as it’s manufactured, packaged, shipped, and thrown away.
A Texas native, it didn't take Corey long to realize the tape was a problem and that he wanted to solve it. In 2010, Vent Cap Systems was born, and the 100% reusable vent cover that uses a hook-and-pull system and a soft-foam sealing was introduced to the market.
Our conversation piqued my interest and I just had to follow up. Below is a short Q&A with Vent Cap Systems founder Corey Breed, a certified building analyst in Austin, Texas.

HE: What brought you into the energy auditing business?
CB: I started doing energy audits when they were mandated by the City of Austin in 2009.
How long did it take you to see the inefficiency of tape?
I didn't like it right off the bat, but got to the point where something had to be done after using it for a month. Watching all that tape pile up was just too much, especially after being SO amazed at its cost in the first place.
What was your favorite part of this year's ACI conference?
I'm new to the trade show experience so I immediately am surprised by the camaraderie. Everyone is there to learn and spread what they've learned along the way. While it is decades-old science, it really seems to be getting traction all over regardless of location and/or political affiliation.
How has your response to Vent Cap Systems been?
We have received warm receptions at every show we've attended. Not only do people seem to appreciate what Vent Cap Systems can do to reduce waste, but there is a lot of animosity toward tape. Not just because it's wasteful, but it's unnecessarily frustrating.
What's next for the company?
The tool that will allow you to set the [Vent Caps] at a distance is finally going to be ready at the end of this month. After much difficulty in China, I'm now pleased to say that our product is now being made in the U.S. I've also applied for patent protection on a couple new items I think you're really going to like! Stay tuned...

Do you also hate the tape? Join the conversation, "You might be an Energy Auditor if..." at Home Energy Pros!

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