Quotes from ACI National

Posted by Macie Melendez on May 02, 2013
Quotes from ACI National
Panelists discussing comprehensive versus clipboard audits.

When you spend an entire day at an industry conference with numerous inspirational people, it’s amazing that you can end the day with certain key phrases stuck in your mind. It also amazes me how many notes I can jot down in just one day. 

The 2013 ACI national conference kicked off this morning in Denver, Colorado. And my obsessive note-taking started first thing this morning as I listened to Aron Ralston share his incredible story. (If you aren’t familiar with Aron Ralston, you can read more about him here.)

While I haven’t fully digested all of the great information and conversations I’ve had today, I wanted to share the phrases that I’ve given the most stars in my notebook today.

“We need people inside and outside of the industry—from the crawl space to Capitol Hill.”
–Amy Fazio, Executive Director, ACI on the future of the home performance industry

“Nothing good in my life have I done alone.”
–Courtney Moriarta, Technical Lead, SRA International, Inc. quoting a friend in her acceptance speech for the ACI Leadership Award

“You all know me as the guy who cut his arm off—it’s going to be a while until I live that one down.”
–Aron Ralston, motivational speaker in his introduction

“96% of homeowners know that Energy Star exists.”
–Garry Upton, Executive Vice President Decision Analyst, Inc. quoting data from a recent homeowner study

“Building science isn’t necessarily locked in. It helps for students to see [comments on industry blogs] to know there is often a debate going on.”
–Amanda Evans, Director, New Mexico Energy Smart Academy, Santa Fe Community College on using blended (online and in-person) training

“Houses are like snowflakes: they look the same from far away but as you get closer you see just how different they are.”
–Ron Judkoff, Principal Architectural Engineer/Program Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (this seemed especially relevant today when Denver got approximately 5 inches of snow)

“All I want is to sell more good work, make money, and save the world.”
–Chandler von Schrader, National Manager, Home Performance with Energy Star, EPA on his career goals; he added “It’s when we stray from this that things go wrong.”

“Nobody should do duct blasting tests in existing homes.”
–Michael Blasnik, Principal, M. Blasnik & Associates, adding that duct blasting tests for existing homes cost a lot of money and don’t provide enough useful information

“Do I need to make the argument that social media is here to stay?”
–Peter Troast, CEO and Founder, Energy Circle during his social media for home performance session

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