ACI Run & Ride Challenge

Posted by Macie Melendez on January 02, 2013
ACI Run & Ride Challenge
Courtney Moriarta (left) making her donation to ACI's Memorial Scholarhip Fund.

Have you heard about ACI's recent Run & Ride Challenge? If not, here's the down-low: To help raise funds for the ACI's Memorial Scholarship Fund, Courtney Moriarta of SRA International has committed to running or riding (cycling, that is) the distance from ACI's headquarters in Pittsburgh to the ACI National Home Performance Conference site in Denver. And she plans on meeting that 1,399-mile goal by the date of the conference, April 30, 2013. 

To help the scholarship fund, Courtney is making a personal donation of 50 cents per mile to the ACI Memorial Scholarship Fund, and she's agreed to match an additional 50 cents on the dollar for each pledge she gets, up to a total of $1,399 out of her pocket.

Courtney began this journey in September and to date she's traveled 504 miles and gained at least one dedicated participant: ACI board member Mike Rogers. Mike joined the race in December and he's made the same pledge to "get to that same 1,399 miles, making my contribution, and matching yours, too, with 50 cents for the dollar you pledge," he wrote on

The Run to ACI blog has become a fun way to keep track of both Courtney and Mike's progress. (In Courtney's latest post, she calculated what this challenge would be like if they were instead trying to meet a challenge of eating cookies or drinking beer. Hint: It doesn't end well.)

Needless to say, this is a wonderful way to be involved in the scholarship fund. To learn more about the ACI Run & Ride Challenge, visit their web site. You can also make a pledge here

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