March 02, 2017

Wolfgang Frey

“Passivhaus 101: Sustainable Architecture from the Inside Out”

The founder of the PH movement worldwide believes that Passive Houses are anything but passive. “Their ability to actively produce, consume, and manage their own energy belies an intricate sustainable system that utilizes our natural resources with very little carbon footprint,” he says. At the Demography Congress 2015, Frey received awards from three German Federal Ministries.

Wolfgang Frey

What you didn’t know about him: “I’m a rotorcraft lover and a passionate pilot in my free time.”






Dean Gamble

Dean Gamble

“Fewer Shades of Gray: Reducing Confusion Regarding HVAC Design in Energy Star Homes”

As the technical manager for EPA’s Energy Star Certified Homes program, Gamble believes that “the program offers a standard way of documenting and overseeing HVAC design. It is both achievable and adds tremendous value to any new home.” Gamble’s best day in his career so far was his first day on the job. “It’s honestly a privilege to work on the Energy Star Certified Homes program, in partnership with builders all around the country, to improve the efficiency of new homes in the United States.”

What you didn’t know about him: “My mom was a schoolteacher and my dad was a physicist. I got the best parts of both of them—a perfect combination for being technical manager of the Energy Star Certified Homes program!”




Elizabeth Grant

"The Big Bounce"

Elizabeth Grant is an architecture professor at Virginia Tech, but she continues to learn from working on building projects, at home and at the office. About a recent project, she reflects, “Roofing is more than a one-liner. Its characteristics have consequences for numerous other building systems and components.” Her most memorable experience as an architect, though, took place far from home. “Touring the green roof at Chicago City Hall and foolishly looking over the edge.” 

What you didn’t know about her: “I have three dogs with a combined weight of 25 pounds.”




Essie Snell

“Opportunities and Challenges with Home Energy Management”

Essie Snell is the senior manager for Technology Assessment at E-Source. A major takeaway from his article—“Smart-home technology is rapidly emerging and has the potential to significantly reduce residential energy consumption and demand.” Dean counts as a highlight of his career “browsing Larry Weingarten’s private water heater museum at his superefficient home in California.”

What you didn’t know about him: ““Over the past two decades, I’ve volunteered in my spare time at a remote, solar-powered wolf sanctuary in southern Colorado called Mission: Wolf.”

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