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What makes Home Energy magazine the indispensable media for reaching your target audience? Since 1984, Home Energy is the reliable and trusted educational resource for home performance and weatherization professionals. Our readers are looking for your innovative products and services to help their crews and participating contractors improve the residential built environment—and their business’ bottom line. Your advertisement in Home Energy will reach the leading energy efficiency program and trade professionals who are committed to making a difference in the right way–

  • measurable energy efficiency
  • improved building durability, and
  • increased occupant health and comfort.

Home Energy’s whole house approach is unique in the marketplace of building trade media. The magazine began 30 years ago as a light-hearted forum for building scientists, contractors from a variety of allied trades, and other professionals focused on energy efficiency and high performance homes. Since then we’ve nurtured and grown an independent, innovative community of readers and advertisers that share products, services, research, and field results from DOE national labs to actual new and existing homes across North America.

In the digital age, Home Energy compliments trade conferences and filters social media conversations. We publish the best field-tested practices from these face-to-face and online conversations, editing the lessons learned in an attractive, readable, and engaging style with the highest journalistic standards that bring readers back to each issue—and to your advertising messages—in print and online.

As Home Energy celebrates our 30th year in 2014, we look forward to working with you as a marketing partner to showcase your innovative products and services for our audience of readers who are committed to improving whole home performance.


Tom White

Tom White

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