Marquee $675 Carousel Ad $300 Topic Sponsorship $950 Display Ad $500 Bottom Leader Board $500


With more than 26,000 unique users per month, and 44,000 pageviews per month, is the destination for home performance professionals to find answers to residential building problems. Advertisers can count on great web statistics and our ability to track click-through rates for all web ads.

76% of readers have visited the website or called a company whose ad they saw in Home Energy, and 78% say they trust the advertiser claims when they see an ad in Home Energy.

The majority of our readership says that the ads in Home Energy have more infl uence on their purchasing decisions, as compared to ads in other industry publications.
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ROS Marquee (300 x 250 px) Run-of-site placement; will link to your webpage.

Carousel Ad (100 x 100 px) Square ad inside our revolving carousel with your logo and text containing conference dates; will link to your conference registration.

Bottom Leaderboard Ad (620 x 77 px) Horizontal ad spanning across the bottom of our site.

Topic Sponsorship (Three Ads In One) contains over 20 years of online articles that are easily accessible by key subjects and sub-topics. We now offer participating advertisers the opportunity to sponsor topics that draw readers most interested in your speci c products and services.

Topic sponsorship creates high visibility by combining the following visuals to ensure that your message is delivered to targeted readers of our premium and free articles:

  1. First position ROS Marquee (see description above).
  2. Editorial Spotlight recognition containing your logo along with text of your choice.
    • Text count, including spaces, is 30 headline characters and 50 characters of body text OR 18 headline characters and 75 characters of body text.
    • Square logo (80 x 80 px).
  3. Bottom Leaderboard Ad (see description above).


All web and newsletter ads should be sent in JPEG format, 72 dpi in RGB, sized as speci ed in the table above.

Submit  finished ads via e-mail directly to Maggie Forti at, or give her a call at 510-524-5405 x111 if you have questions.

For more information on E-Newsletter Ad Rates please click here.

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