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Posted by Macie Melendez on March 28, 2012

To kick-off the 26th  annual ACI National conference on March 28, nearly 1,700 attendees gathered at the Baltimore Convention Center for the opening plenary. Along with a warm welcome and opening remarks, the stage presented awards to two of our industry’s visionaries. 

Winner of this year’s ACI Leadership Award was Dennis Livingston who was honored posthumously. Dennis was known for his passion for buildings and energy efficiency and was both an artist and a carpenter. A large contributor to home performance, Dennis was recognized respectfully and will be remembered as a doer—a man who was happiest with his tool belt on.

This year’s Tony Woods Award winner, presented by BPI, was Dave Robinson. Dave is known for his commitment to deep energy retrofits on foreclosed homes. He’s a contractor and auditor with a passion for what he deems “energy wise house flippers.” When he took the stage to accept his award, he excitedly began his 30-seconds at the mic with a profound statement: “I had a vision for a party.” He continued by explaining that if each attendee in the room bought a foreclosed home and performed a deep energy retrofit, not only would we be helping the planet, but we’d also have some great stories to tell. Can you imagine that party at ACI 2013?

Both of these awards represent the passion that our industry has for what it does. It’s something we may not always realize, but the group at ACI makes it infinitely clear: Those in home performance absolutely love their jobs.

Our industry’s future challenge? To make everyone else love it, too. At the end of the opening plenary ACI’s Executive Director Amy Fazio told us all to “Turn on our cell phones!” Yes, turn them on. At this year’s conference, we’re being urged to use all mediums at our disposal to get our message out there. So keep the conversation going whether it is by Twitter (hashtag #ACI12), by commenting on this blog, or by telling your friends about a new auditing tool. And keep the passion going so that we can inspire each other as this year’s award winners have inspired us all. 

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