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Raised-Heel Trusses save energy

A simple way to boost HERS Ratings.

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Single Family

Passive Solar Success Set in Concrete

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May 01, 1997

Passive solar design combined with thermal mass construction is a proven technique for energy and cost efficiency. At Tierra Concrete Homes, we use this technique in our passive solar concrete homes. [continue reading]


Wall R-Values that Tell It Like It Is

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March 01, 1997

Several new wall systems are gaining popularity, due to increasing interest in energy efficiency, alternatives to dimensional wood framing, and building sustainable structures. [continue reading]


Heat Pumps and Manufactured Homes: Making the Marriage Work

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November 01, 1996

In my job as the factory-built home specialist for North Carolina's Alternative Energy Corporation (AEC), I have been crawling under, in, and around manufactured homes for the last dozen years, looking for causes of, and solutions to, building energy problems. [continue reading]


Advanced Houses: The Canadian Experience

Author: Tim Mayo and Robin Sinha
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September 01, 1996

The goal of Canada's Advanced Houses program was to build houses that are far more energy efficient, environmentally benign, and healthy for occupants than typical Canadian houses. [continue reading]


New Pioneering in Straw Bale Building

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July 01, 1996

No, they're not living in haylofts. The horses don't knock the houses down for bedding. And the big bad wolf doesn't chase the residents off in search of bricks and mortar. [continue reading]


A Plan to Stop Fluffing and Cheating in Attic Insulation

Author: Nan Wishner
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May 01, 1996

In the mid-1980s, a Georgia utility became concerned about the large number of attic insulation jobs being done for its energy-efficient home construction program that failed to meet the program's standards. [continue reading]


Building the Suncube

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May 01, 1996

Armed with a home equity loan, a contractor's license, and some knowledge of energy-efficient technologies, I built an affordable, passive-solar house in Chico, California. [continue reading]


Off-Grid in a Cold City: The Alberta Sustainable Home

archive CONTENT
March 01, 1996

The Alberta Sustainable Home is a new suburban three-bedroom house and office that will soon be independent of the sewer, electric, and water systems. [continue reading]

DOE's Race to Zero 2017  Registration is Open!

Stacy Hunt

DOE's Race to Zero 2017 Registration is Open!

The next U.S. Department of Energy Race to Zero Student Design Competition (Race to Zero) will be held April 22...

CLEAResult and NREL JUMP Into Residential Energy Efficiency

CLEAResult staff

CLEAResult and NREL JUMP Into Residential Energy Efficiency

Crowdsourcing. It’s a great way to gather input and enlist the minds of many to do good. With ...

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