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    A curious situation has recently arisen in electricity grids around the world: The wholesale price of electricity has occasionally gone negative.

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    Affordable housing, green living, community, and income in an unlikely place

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    Collaboration is essential for building a dream home. Every house is a system that must be interconnected perfectly.

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    SEEK and FLIR Disrupt IR Camera Technology

    SEEK and FLIR Disrupt IR Camera Technology

    By David Kaufman

    Infrared (IR) cameras have gotten better and cheaper over the last couple of decades. New products from upstart SEEK Thermal and old-timer FLIR verge ...
    Editorial: My Apartment in Tokyo

    Editorial: My Apartment in Tokyo

    By Alan Meier

    Every time I visit Japan I learn something new, and my most recent trip was no exception. This time I stayed in an apartment, ...
    Back Porch: RESNET's Building Performance Conference

    Back Porch: RESNET's Building Performance Conference

    By Tom White

    RESNET convened its Building Performance Conference in Scottsdale this March, a hospitable time of year in the Arizona desert. I roamed the sessions, and ...
    Water Heating in All-Electric Homes

    Water Heating in All-Electric Homes

    By Robb Aldrich

    When I started working in the home energy field (in the mid-1990s), I never imagined I’d be suggesting that all-electric homes ...
    Converging Trends

    Converging Trends

    By Rick Barnett

    Environmental Leader recently described legal challenges faced by a business coalitionsupporting the “Clean Power Plan.” ...
    11 Flavors of Sustainable Housing

    11 Flavors of Sustainable Housing

    By Shawna Henderson

    Keeping track of what's going on in the world of low-impact, sustainable housing is, and was, a challenge.
    EnergyLogic and The Energy Conservatory Put

    EnergyLogic and The Energy Conservatory Put "Game of Homes" into Play

    By Linda Lidov

    EnergyLogic welcomes The Energy Conservatory (TEC) as its cornerstone partner in the introduction of Game of Homes, EnergyLogic&...
    Millennials Trust the Smart Home Revolution, but For How Long?

    Millennials Trust the Smart Home Revolution, but For How Long?

    By Andy Heikkila

    Brands and products that aren’t trusted by Millennials are doomed to fail, with Gen Y making ...

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