Infrared  Thermography

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Infrared Thermography

An expert explains how to get high quality and helpful thermographs when conditions are not ideal.

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Solving a Chimney Moisture Problem

Author: Joe Ponessa
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September 01, 1999

In September 1998, roofer Kevin Fischer, carpenter/painter Bill Coyle, and I were called to help out on an 80-year-old, three-story, wood frame house located in southern New Jersey. [continue reading]


Insulation in the heating system--A Source of Black Stains

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November 01, 1998

Stains in homes have many different sources. In my job as an industrial hygienist, I have seen a wide variety of substances that can create stains, including mold growth, vehicle exhaust, combustion appliances, tobacco smoke, cooking fumes, and even candles (see "Black Stains in Houses: Soot, Dust, or Ghosts?" HE Jan/Feb '98, p. 15). [continue reading]


Sampling Stains for Fun and Profit

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September 01, 1998

It's happening more and more-home performance specialists are getting calls from homeowners complaining of a "mysterious stain." Maybe the occupants think it's mold, and they're worried-could it be Stachybotrys atra, which has been linked to sudden infant death syndrome? [continue reading]


First Step in Cellulose Sealing: Spot the Style

Author: Fred Lugano
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May 01, 1998

For the last 16 years, I have run a company called Lake Construction in Vermont. We use cellulose insulation to improve health, safety, durability, comfort, and energy efficiency in many styles of buildings. [continue reading]


Black Stains in Houses: Soot, Dust, or Ghosts?

Author: Frank Vigil
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January 01, 1998

By now, we've all heard about "black soot" or "ghosting"--one of the hottest topics in the building industry today. [continue reading]


THE CASE OF THE CO LEAK: Solving the Mysteries of Carbon Monoxide Exposures

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November 01, 1997

A colorless, odorless, flavorless, nonirritating gas, carbon monoxide (CO) causes more poisoning deaths today than any other substance. [continue reading]


Today's Weather: Rain in the Living Room!

Author: Bruce Davis
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March 01, 1997

Last summer, the Applied Building Science Center received a call to investigate a North Carolina multifamily residence where it was raining inside the apartment. This home serves as an example of the need for good air sealing and a whole-building approach. [continue reading]


Fundamentals Of Moisture In Houses

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November 01, 1995

Moisture problems occur in buildings throughout North America, in almost every climate. The most common symptoms are mold, mildew, and condensation, and these can impair the health of the occupants, cause discomfort, and decrease the life of the structure. [continue reading]

Home Performance Coalition Calls on Congress to Support Federal Energy Efficiency Programs

Jim Gunshinan

Home Performance Coalition Calls on Congress to Support Federal Energy Efficiency Programs

February 12, 2018 - Washington DC – Today, President Trump released his budget for fiscal year (FY) 2019, which includes a significant cut ...

Stick to the Basics in New Home Construction

Andrew Scatizzi

Stick to the Basics in New Home Construction

Thousands of energy models for newly constructed single family homes is a treasure trove of information if you’re ...

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