Editorial: The Discreet Charm of Attics and Crawl Spaces

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Editorial: The Discreet Charm of Attics and Crawl Spaces

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Roof & Attic

Attic Accesses: High Priority or No Big Deal?

Author: Jim Melesky
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March 01, 2005

Some calculations answer the question, How much does proper attic access insulation matter? [continue reading]


Raise the Roof?

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January 01, 2005

The King County Housing Authority adds insulation and slope while removing ventilation to make a more energy-efficient and durable roof. [continue reading]


A Serious Challenge to a New Building Technology

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January 01, 2003

        Every new building technology comes with new problems along with its benefits, and structural insulated panels (SIPs) are no different. SIPs are made of rigid foam insulation sandwiched between ... [continue reading]


Affordable Cooling at its Peak

Author: Liz Robinson
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July 01, 2001

An inexpensive process for adding reflective coatings to rooftops saves energy and lives. [continue reading]


Roofs Reflect Better Savings

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July 01, 2001

Reflective roofing represents one of the most significant energy-saving options available to homeowners and builders. [continue reading]


Snowy and Icy Indicators of Wasted Money

June 16, 2001

With the recent huge increases in energy costs, figuring out how best to conserve energy and improve comfort in a home has become an urgent issue. [continue reading]


Radiant Barriers: Performance Revealed

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September 01, 2000

In the summertime, radiant barriers give attic insulation a clear advantage in cutting the demand for cooling energy. [continue reading]


Unventing Attics In Cold Climates

archive CONTENT
November 01, 1999

As Home Energy readers know, venting attics in hot, humid climates brings a great deal of moisture into the structure (see "Conditioned Attics Save Energy in Hot Climates," HE May/June '97, p. 6). Not venting the attic avoids this problem. [continue reading]

Sustainable Interior Design Predictions: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice

Chloe Taylor

Sustainable Interior Design Predictions: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice

The world of environmentally sustainable interior design (ESID) has been torn asunder by a deep divide between theory and practice ...

What's Up in the UK

Jim Gunshinan

What's Up in the UK

The infographic below highlights some of thethe materials and methods on the cutting edge of building in the U....

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