Creating Healthy and Energy-Efficient Housing

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Creating Healthy and Energy-Efficient Housing

What Does the Research Tell Us?

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Program Design

Energy Efficiency Through Education and Low-Cost Measures

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September 01, 2005

There are many benefits to combining energy efficiency with energy education.The strategy is cost-effective, and it can reach many people with a low investment of time and money. It helps participants understand how energy ... [continue reading]


Weatherization Show and Tell

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January 01, 2002

The proven benefits of weatherization remain, frustratingly, not well known. Some states are reaching out to politicians and communities, spreading the good word by demonstrating exactly what weatherization looks like. [continue reading]


Hot Water Improvements Top Warm Climate Weatherization Measures

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September 01, 1998

Reducing hot water costs is the most cost-effective way to save money for low-income housing in warm climates. This is one conclusion that can be drawn from a new study on the cost-effectiveness of energy-saving measures for low-income housing in warm climates. [continue reading]


Measuring the Performance of the National Energy Audit

Author: Terry Sharp
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May 01, 1995

In 1978, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) published Project Retro-Tech to provide all states a manual technique for identifying low-income weatherization measures that would produce the most energy savings per dollar spent. [continue reading]


Assessing Energy Costs and Economic Burden

Author: Jim Hammett
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January 01, 1995

As part of the national evaluation of its Weatherization Assistance Program, the U.S. Department of Energy wanted to take a closer look at low-income households to identify differences in their energy-use from the rest of the population and determine who would benefit most from residential energy-efficiency improvements. [continue reading]


Weatherization Assistance: The Fuel Oil Study

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July 01, 1994

It's autumn in the Northeast. You are observing a home from your car. It's a single-story house, about 60 years old, its windows are single-glazed and odds are fifty-fifty that it has wall insulation. [continue reading]


Computerized Energy Audits

Author: Cyril Penn
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May 01, 1994

Weatherization agencies have complained for years about a U.S. Department of Energy requirement that 40% of Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) funds be spent on "materials" rather than labor. [continue reading]


New York's "Targeted Investment Protocol System"

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May 01, 1994

The New York State Department of State recently developed the Targeted Investment Protocol System (TIPS) for use in the Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). [continue reading]

New Consortium for Energy Efficiency Report  High Stakes for Energy Efficiency

Joe Cullen, Director of Policy and State Outreach

New Consortium for Energy Efficiency Report High Stakes for Energy Efficiency

Given the critical role that state and local energy policy and regulations play in the development of energy efficiency marketplaces, ...

Benito Steen's video,

Leslie Jackson

Benito Steen's video, "Building with Mud: A Continuum" Looks Good Enough To Eat

There are lots of videos about Natural Building. Sublime dialogue-free ones with just music; a favorite of mine shows step-by-step ...

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