Part 1: Evaluation of Mini-Split Heat Pumps as Supplemental and Full System Retrofits in a Hot-Humid Climate

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Part 1: Evaluation of Mini-Split Heat Pumps as Supplemental and Full System Retrofits in a Hot-Humid Climate

More stringent energy efficiency standards and the demand for higher efficiency are increasing the popularity of technologies such as mini-split heat pumps (MSHPs). The market for ductless heat pumps is growing 10–30% annually. The U....

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Introducing Fresh Air

Author: Iain Walker
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July 01, 2005

       Q. I am trying to find out how much fresh air is required to be introduced to an apartment by means of a forced-air furnace. I understand that the manufacturer ... [continue reading]


Creating Heat and Light

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January 01, 2005

A Canadian program tests the efficiency and future potential of residential combined heat and power systems at its residential building test center. [continue reading]


Heating with Oil - New Developments

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July 01, 2004

Because of new burner technologies, low sulfur fuels, and bio fuels, North Americans are finding out what Europeans have known for a while - heating with oil makes good sense. [continue reading]


Flow Control Gains in Accuracy

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March 01, 2002

A new flow meter is easier to use than a Duct Blaster, and more accurate than the temperature rise method. [continue reading]


Weatherization Test Drives Spray Sealant

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November 01, 2001

New aerosol spray technology can allow weatherization crews to seal even tiny duct leaks in places that are difficult to reach using conventional methods. [continue reading]


Those Wild Ducts in Your Walls

June 16, 2001

More than three-fifths of the households in the U.S. heat or cool their homes with ducted forced air systems, so chances are good that air ducts are lurking within your walls, floors, or ceilings. [continue reading]


The Energy Penalty of Poor Duct Design

Author: Bill Hylton
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March 01, 2001

A home with a poor duct system can't be energy efficient no matter how tight or well-insulated it is. [continue reading]


Building a Boiler Side-Arm

Author: Michael Lamb
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November 01, 1999

A boiler is generally more fuel efficient than a standard gas water heater, especially when the boiler is fully loaded. [continue reading]

Common Problems with Cold Weather Ventilation

Allison Bailes

Common Problems with Cold Weather Ventilation

When I woke up Saturday morning, the temperature outdoors was -40 degrees†. The wind chill was -100 degrees! It ...

Using God Talk—or Not—to Help the Planet?

Jim Gunshinan

Using God Talk—or Not—to Help the Planet?

I am always impressed with the work of Susan Shelton and the Shelton Group. So an email message with the ...

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