ScanTheSun: A Tool for Solar-Panel Users

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ScanTheSun: A Tool for Solar-Panel Users

In the ideal case of an individual installation, solar panels are mounted on the southern pitch of a roof of buildings with high insolation. (See “Vocabulary” for the definition of insolation and a ...

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Solar Subsidies are Booming

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July 01, 2006

        Recent developments around the Unites States are creating a very favorable atmosphere for solar energy.The biggest boost comes from a marked rise in the cost of conventional fuels; ... [continue reading]


PV Power in the Dorm

Author: Ross Nizlek
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March 02, 2006

        Although I consider myself to be an environmentally concerned individual, when I entered the University of Vermont last year, I had no experience in renewable energy, or even a ... [continue reading]


Reality PV

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January 01, 2003

Analysis of hourly metered data collected from 19 residential grid-tied PV systems in California helps to answer questions about actual system power output. [continue reading]


Solar Water Heating Up

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May 01, 2002

A wide range of options exist for ready-to-install, readily certified solar water heating systems. To further heat things up, government and utility incentives are expanding. [continue reading]


Solar Power Rising to a Million Roofs in the Millennium

Author: Jeanne Byrne
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July 01, 1999

In an effort to spark a sustained solar renaissance and cut U.S. emissions of global warming gases, President Clinton in June of 1997 announced an initiative to put solar energy systems on a million U.S. rooftops by the year 2010. [continue reading]


Making Solar Hot Water Affordable

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January 01, 1999

In 1995, a group of agencies in Florida teamed up to bring low-cost solar systems to low-income households so they could save money on their utility bills. [continue reading]


PV Roof Tiles Heat Up in New York

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July 01, 1998

The first residential grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) system in New York State has been installed on Long Island. [continue reading]


Promoting Profitable Home Power

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January 01, 1998

Renewable energy advocates struggle daily to introduce practical applications for solar and wind power. [continue reading]

EnergyLogic and The Energy Conservatory Put

Linda Lidov

EnergyLogic and The Energy Conservatory Put "Game of Homes" into Play

EnergyLogic welcomes The Energy Conservatory (TEC) as its cornerstone partner in the introduction of Game of Homes, EnergyLogic’s ...

Millennials Trust the Smart Home Revolution, but For How Long?

Andy Heikkila

Millennials Trust the Smart Home Revolution, but For How Long?

Brands and products that aren’t trusted by Millennials are doomed to fail, with Gen Y making up more ...

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