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Pooled Resources

One of the first homes Mike McFarland evaluated was his own. McFarland, owner of Energy Docs Home Performance in Redding, California, was curious about why his energy use spiked in December and January. It didn&...

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Drain Water Heat Recovery Devices

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May 01, 2008

Drain water heat recovery (DWHR) devices are little-known but effective means to save hot water energy and homeowner dollars. [continue reading]


Bold New Toilet Adventure

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May 01, 2008

We had to take the plunge, so to speak, so as not to have to plunge so much. [continue reading]


Wireless Boom

Author: Wanzhu Du
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January 09, 2008

Global warming is a hot topic in today’s news. People are seeking ways to save energy and protect the environment. Reducing household energy consumption is one effective way to slow the trend toward ... [continue reading]


Testing a Dual Water- and Space-Heating System

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January 09, 2008

I tested a dual system for domestic hot water and space heating in a home where a furnace and ductwork were previously used for space heating. [continue reading]


Check Your Showerheads!

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November 04, 2007

Most showerheads today use about 2.5 gallons per minute. We could switch to very low-flow showerheads that save lots of water and energy and still provide great showers. [continue reading]


Greening Water Usage

Author: Jim LaRue
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September 04, 2007

Some pundits have suggested that the next international conflicts will not be over oil, but over water. Not long ago, an uproar was stirred in our area in the upper Midwest when it was discovered ... [continue reading]

New Consortium for Energy Efficiency Report  High Stakes for Energy Efficiency

Joe Cullen, Director of Policy and State Outreach

New Consortium for Energy Efficiency Report High Stakes for Energy Efficiency

Given the critical role that state and local energy policy and regulations play in the development of energy efficiency marketplaces, ...

Benito Steen's video,

Leslie Jackson

Benito Steen's video, "Building with Mud: A Continuum" Looks Good Enough To Eat

There are lots of videos about Natural Building. Sublime dialogue-free ones with just music; a favorite of mine shows step-by-step ...

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