The Home Performance Super Lab

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The Home Performance Super Lab

The SouthWest Building Science Training Center (SWBSTC) was created in 2004, in partnership with the Arizona Governor’s Office of Energy Policy, and Foundation for Senior Living (FSL) Home Improvements. The center was created to ...

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On-the-Job Mentoring

September 04, 2009

A theoretical understanding is not enough, and the kind of one-one-one mentoring your workers get in the field - working on real houses with real problems - often can't happen in a classroom or online. [continue reading]


Don't Forget the Business Basics

September 03, 2009

Showing up on time, listening to and responding to your customers' needs, and not trashing their homes will get you the rest of the way there. [continue reading]


Building Performance Contracting Raises the Bar

Author: Larry Zarker
January 01, 2006

        The Building Performance Institute, Incorporated (BPI), is providing its accredited contractors and certified professionals with new opportunities to distinguish themselves from their competition in the building performance marketplace. BPI ... [continue reading]


RESNET Quality Assurance

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July 01, 2005

        According to a former NASA engineer, in the several years prior to the Challenger space shuttle accident, quality assurance—then known as quality control—at NASA had ... [continue reading]


Cheating - The Insulation Industry's Dirty Secret

November 01, 2000

Major problems exist with the way some attic insulations are manufactured, labeled, and installed. An experienced insulation contractor, diagnostic technician, and building science educator sizes up the ongoing problem of cheating and offers specific recommendations to prevent it. [continue reading]

How Do You Define and Guarantee Quality?

Tom White

How Do You Define and Guarantee Quality?

Proof is possible! That's the motto and mantra of Corbett and Grace Lunsford, with the Chicago-based Building Performance Workshop. They ...

Designing Turtletown: Part 2, The Larger Framework

Kenneth Black

Designing Turtletown: Part 2, The Larger Framework

There are a wide variety of ways that personalize a built environment. The most interesting of these built environments are ...

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