Athens Passes the First-Ever Carbon Fee

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Athens Passes the First-Ever Carbon Fee

Driving along the rolling township roads of Appalachian Ohio, it’s easy to understand the opposition to community solar being whispered beyond the fence lines. This is proud and powerful coal country, after all, ...

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Regulating Ventless Heaters

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January 01, 1998

Ventless gas heaters have seen sales take off over the past few years, buoyed by their low cost, attractive design, and high efficiency. [continue reading]


State Energy Codes: An Uphill Battle

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March 01, 1997

Since the mid-1970s, building code officials and energy professionals have developed and promoted energy codes throughout the United States. Some states have developed their own codes, while others have incorporated the national Model Energy Code, or MEC, into local building codes. [continue reading]


Moscow Code Aims to Halve Building Energy Use

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November 01, 1996

When the Iron Curtain opened in 1989, Westerners were shocked by the poor building performance in formerly Communist countries. [continue reading]


Putting Pressure on Building Codes

Author: David Brook
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September 01, 1996

Last winter, in Oregon's Willamette Valley, a family was spending their first season in a new custom colonial-style house. [continue reading]


When Codes Meet Ratings

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March 01, 1996

Will a banker or home builder gladly pay for a homeowner's next residential energy code compliance certificate? In some states where home energy ratings are popular, the answer may be yes. [continue reading]


Making Sense of the Model Energy Code

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March 01, 1996

Within the past 18 months, several states and local jurisdictions have adopted the Council of American Building Officials' (CABO) Model Energy Code (MEC) as their building code for energy-related requirements. [continue reading]


Jim Gunshinan for Leo Ranier, LBNL

More "Buzz" from ACEEE Summer Study—The Invisible Energy Mortgages in New Homes

You probably never considered the power consumption of those Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets (fondly known as GFCIs) in bathrooms, kitchens, ...

Two National Brands Join Forces Demonstrating Unity in Home Energy-Efficiency Rating Systems

Lindsay Bachman

Two National Brands Join Forces Demonstrating Unity in Home Energy-Efficiency Rating Systems

The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) and Pearl Certification are now collaborating to ensure that the Home Energy Rating System (...

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