Small Commercial Equals Big Opportunity

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Small Commercial Equals Big Opportunity

Bringing Your Residential Home Performance Experience to the World of Commercial Performance

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His Own Brand of Marketing

Author: Mary James
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July 01, 2004

        Getting a home’s performance problems treated in a systematic way requires leaping two hurdles. First, contractors need to be trained to use a wholehouse approach; second, customers ... [continue reading]


Strictly-Shell Man Converts

Author: Mary James
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May 01, 2004

        Whole-house contracting holds no mysteries for Richard Kornbluth, president and cofounder, with Frank LaSala, of EnTherm, Incorporated, in Syracuse, New York.The first time he got his hands on ... [continue reading]


Restoring Indoor Health, One House at a Time

Author: Dave Finet
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January 01, 2004

The Opportunity Council first does no harm, and then tackles IAQ problems. [continue reading]


Growing a Business

Author: Orlo and Mary Stitt
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January 01, 2002

        A business that is exploring new technologies and attempting to provide new products and services encounters obstacles—and rewards.That is what we discovered when we founded our ... [continue reading]


Of Mastic and Mistakes

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May 01, 2001

        My company has been in the HVAC business for eight years. Last year, our crews passed the 100- mile mark—they sealed their 100th mile of ductwork. They ... [continue reading]


Taking the Leap from HVAC to Home Performance

Author: Tom Lynch
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November 01, 1999

In the fall of 1998, our company took a dramatic turn. After 25 years in business we suddenly discovered how important duct and house leakage was to the health, safety, comfort, and efficiency of our customers' homes. [continue reading]

Redefining Home Performance in the 21stCentury


Redefining Home Performance in the 21stCentury

Today, the Home Performance Coalition (HPC) calls on policymakers, industry leaders, energy program managers and contractors to redefine home energy ...

Zero-Energy Homes Are Ready for Mainstream Markets

Laurie Guevara-Stone

Zero-Energy Homes Are Ready for Mainstream Markets

Zero-energy (ZE) homes—efficient homes that produce or procure as much renewable energy as they consume over the course ...

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