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Letters: July/August 2015

Revisiting “Revisiting Electrification” Last issue’s editorial, “Revisiting Electrification” (May/June ’15, p. 2), received quite a bit of feedback on Home Energy Pros. We love a good discussion, so we ...

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LETTERS: November/December 1998

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November 01, 1998

Duct Tape Story Still Unravelling, On the Question of Kilowatts, Errata [continue reading]


LETTERS: January/February 1998

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January 01, 1998

A Hubbub Over HERS, HERS Are Worth the Wait, Good, Better: BESTEST, HERS: Improvements Needed, Rating Tool Accuracy, DESLog Developer Credit, Window Queries [continue reading]


LETTERS: November/December 1997

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November 01, 1997

Breaking the Habit at Habitat, More Clarifications [continue reading]


LETTERS: September/October 1997

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September 01, 1997

HE Heat Pump Bias?, Invading Ants Go for the Foam, Showerhead Scores [continue reading]


LETTERS: July/August 1997

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July 01, 1997

Sealing and Wet-Spray Insulation, The Last Straw, Heat Pumps and Temperature Controls [continue reading]


LETTERS: May/June 1997

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May 01, 1997

Wet-Spray Cellulose Quandary, Making Sense of Heat Ratios [continue reading]

Home Performance Coalition Comments on EPA's Proposed Rule on the Clean Energy Incentive Program

Lindsay Flickinger

Home Performance Coalition Comments on EPA's Proposed Rule on the Clean Energy Incentive Program

Yesterday, the Home Performance Coalition (HPC) released comments on EPA's Proposed Rule on theClean Energy Incentive Program (CEIP) Design ...

Five Ways to Judge Sustainable Housing

Shawna Henderson

Five Ways to Judge Sustainable Housing

The first thing to do is clarify some terms.

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