The Energy Star LED Difference

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The Energy Star LED Difference

In early 2013, EPA challenged retailers to sell 20 million Energy Star-certified LED lightbulbs by Earth Day 2014. The results are in, and U.S. retailers—with the help of manufacturers and utilities—more than exceeded ...

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Cheaper, Easier CFL Downlighting

Author: E Source
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May 01, 2006

        The use of downlights in the residential market is increasing, yet energy-efficient CFL downlights have not been widely accepted or adopted by residential builders and homeowners. That’s ... [continue reading]


Cleaning Up Light Pollution

Author: Susan Harder
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January 01, 2006

                    Much of the exterior lighting installed on homes and apartment buildings does little or nothing to increase visibility, security, and ... [continue reading]


New Designs in Active Daylighting

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January 01, 2006

Since the sun is available when utilities experience peak demand, well-designed daylighting systems help to limit demand on the grid. [continue reading]


Further Wrestling with Recessed-Can Lights

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September 01, 2005

How do you air seal IC-rated light fixtures that aren't accessible from above? Do the air sealing from below. [continue reading]


New Reflector CFLs That Can Take the Heat

Author: Susan Vogt
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March 01, 2005

                 Reflector compact fluorescent lamps (R-CFLs) have been known to overheat and fail in some applications. They haven’t performed well particularly ... [continue reading]


Recessed Lighting in the Limelight

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January 01, 2004

        Recessed downlights are among the most popular installed lighting fixtures for new and remodeled homes. One study in the northeastern United States found that new homes had an average ... [continue reading]

DOE's Race to Zero 2017  Registration is Open!

Stacy Hunt

DOE's Race to Zero 2017 Registration is Open!

The next U.S. Department of Energy Race to Zero Student Design Competition (Race to Zero) will be held April 22...

CLEAResult and NREL JUMP Into Residential Energy Efficiency

CLEAResult staff

CLEAResult and NREL JUMP Into Residential Energy Efficiency

Crowdsourcing. It’s a great way to gather input and enlist the minds of many to do good. With ...

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