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HomeSmart International Joins the Pearl Broker Advantage Program in Arizona

HomeSmart International Joins the Pearl Broker Advantage Program in Arizona


Vienna, Virginia and Scottsdale, Arizona – July 19, 2018 – Pearl Certification and HomeSmart International are proud to announce that HomeSmart Arizona has been accepted into Pearl’s prestigious Broker Advantage Program. HomeSmart is the first broker in Arizona to receive this distinction. [continue reading]

Our First Year with Solar Panels

Our First Year with Solar Panels

Chris Stratton

DISCLAIMER: This blog post was updated on November 4, 2018 with corrected energy data. I recently discovered I had been reading my electricity bill incorrectly* and had to revise my calculations — the following reflects updated numbers and charts. [continue reading]

New Consortium for Energy Efficiency Report – High Stakes for Energy Efficiency

New Consortium for Energy Efficiency Report – High Stakes for Energy Efficiency

Joe Cullen, Director of Policy and State Outreach

Given the critical role that state and local energy policy and regulations play in the development of energy efficiency marketplaces, HPC focuses on removing state and local barriers to the growth of small businesses seeking to thrive in the residential energy efficiency marketplace. HPC's policy efforts are focused on state-based cost-effectiveness testing. [continue reading]

Benito Steen's video,

Benito Steen's video, "Building with Mud: A Continuum" Looks Good Enough To Eat

Leslie Jackson

There are lots of videos about Natural Building. Sublime dialogue-free ones with just music; a favorite of mine shows step-by-step construction of a timber frame build in Finland with no dialogue, just great music, the photography is expertly done and clear. It begins with horses skidding freshly felled trees in a snow-carpeted forest to the building site. Hand-tools only, this film shows beautiful hatchets and axes, and the textures of slices of wood dancing off ... [continue reading]

Adding Value to Contractors’ Work in the Mortgage Market

Adding Value to Contractors’ Work in the Mortgage Market

Julie Caracino, HPC Director of Research & Standards

Home Performance Coalition, with the Appraisal Institute, is working to increase demand for residential energy efficiency by ensuring that the improvements people make to their homes – largely completed by contractors – are accurately reflected in the value of the home. [continue reading]

Electrifying Buildings for Decarbonization

Electrifying Buildings for Decarbonization

Kelly Vaughn

Seventy million American homes and businesses burn natural gas, oil, or propane on-site to heat their space and water, generating 560 million tons of carbon dioxide each year—one-tenth of total US emissions. But now, we have the opportunity to meet nearly all our buildings’ energy needs with electricity from an increasingly low-carbon electric grid, eliminating direct fossil fuel use in buildings and making obsolete much of the gas distribution system—along with ... [continue reading]

Home Energy Pros Forum Thriving

Home Energy Pros Forum Thriving

Lindsay Bachman, Diane Chojnowski, Jim Gunshinan

Home Energy Pros Forum has reached a milestone. We are welcoming our 6,000th member to the premier online community for home performance pros! More than 425 new members have joined since the Home Performance Coalition (HPC) took over stewardship of the site on October 1, 2017. Home Energy Pros was founded in 2011 by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab scientist Evan Mills, with support from DOE and the help of Home Energy Magazine. The community merged with David Butler's dynamic ... [continue reading]

What You Need to Know About California's New Solar Panel Law

What You Need to Know About California's New Solar Panel Law

Elaine Thompson

California took the bold step recently to become the first state to require all new homes—including multi-family residential buildings, up to three stories—built after January 1, 2020 to have solar arrays installed. This is huge news, as California often leads the waywhen it comes to green developments. While there have been a few cities in the United States that have such mandates, California’s is the first statewide decision. It’s ... [continue reading]

Always Committed to Healthy Homes & IAQ!

Always Committed to Healthy Homes & IAQ!

Bethany Dittmar, Director of Conference Education, HPC

June is National Healthy Homes Month (NHHM)! This month-long celebration offers an opportunity to learn more about housing and its impact on health, empowering families to protect themselves from hazards in their home. June’s outreach activities aim to greatly boost awareness and understanding of what federal and local resources are available to make a difference in the lives of all residents, regardless of where they live. Learn more and get involved! Visit the ... [continue reading]

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