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Computing Commuting Into Mortgages

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November 01, 1995

City dwellers have long known that they spend less on transportation than do suburbanites. Now conservation organizations are studying how these savings might translate into higher qualifying ratios for home mortgages. [continue reading]


Composting Toilets: A Tankful of Conservation

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January 01, 1996

Centralized composting toilet systems have individual toilets connected to a central tank, usually located outdoors or in a basement. [continue reading]


Retrofits We'd Rather Forget

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January 01, 1996

An energy service company in New York installed light sensitive thermostats in a complex where the residents covered windows with heavy curtains to curtail air leakage. [continue reading]


Energy Conservation in Cohousing Communities

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July 01, 1997

Cohousing communities are neighborhoods designed and managed by residents seeking a cooperative living arrangement. These developments foster community, save money, and reduce environmental impacts--including residential energy use. [continue reading]

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