Paul Raymer

Paul Raymer is chief investigator of Heyoka Solutions, a company he cofounded in 2006. He has been wandering through the mysteries of building science since 1977. He has multiple BPI certifications and is a HERS Rater.

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What's New with Manometers?

Author: Paul Raymer
December 30, 2013

Imagine leaving your manometer in the basement while you are doing a combustion appliance zone (CAZ) test and then walking around the house, turning on fans, adjusting doors, energizing the air handler, all while you ... [continue reading]


Electronic Tape Measures

Author: Paul Raymer
premium CONTENT
February 28, 2014

I visited several big-box stores and my local hardware store to collect information for this article on electronic tape measures. The dust on top of some of the packages was pretty thick, and there was ... [continue reading]

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