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Leslie Jackson is associate editor for Home Energy.

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Taking the Long View

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September 03, 2010

Instead of offering merely supplies to the people of postearthquake Haiti, what if we could offer our ingenuity? [continue reading]


Reframing Windows

November 01, 2010

Home Energy recently visited one of window wright Dave Clark's jobs in an area of Berkeley, California, called the Gourmet Ghetto. Clark has worked on every one of the windows in this house. [continue reading]


ACI Celebrates 25 Years with 25 Stories

March 01, 2011

Affordable Comfort celebrates its 25th anniversary with 25 stories of some of the people who have been instrumental in the creation of ACI. All of the stories are appearing in conference materials and countdown-style pre-conference rallies at the ACI web site (www.acinational.org). Here are four of them. [continue reading]

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ACEE Reports on Extension and Modification of Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives

ACEE Reports on Extension and Modification of Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives

Leslie Jackson

ACEEE wrote to us in December about the tax package that had just passed the Senate and was likely to pass the House of Representatives: It includes extensions and revisions to three existing federal energy efficiency tax incentives: for appliances, a one-year extension; for new homes, coverage for 2010 and 2011; and for home retrofits, one year with modifications. Under the pending bill, the appliance credit is extended for one year, and efficiency criteria and incentives have ... [continue reading]

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