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Clean Breathing in Production Homes

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May 01, 2001

For the best ventilation performance, whole-house air distribution is key. [continue reading]


Fundamentals Of Moisture In Houses

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November 01, 1995

Moisture problems occur in buildings throughout North America, in almost every climate. The most common symptoms are mold, mildew, and condensation, and these can impair the health of the occupants, cause discomfort, and decrease the life of the structure. [continue reading]


Unventing Attics In Cold Climates

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November 01, 1999

As Home Energy readers know, venting attics in hot, humid climates brings a great deal of moisture into the structure (see "Conditioned Attics Save Energy in Hot Climates," HE May/June '97, p. 6). Not venting the attic avoids this problem. [continue reading]

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