Steve Greenberg

STEVE GREENBERG is a facilities energy management engineer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a technical editor at Home Energy.

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Use Foil in Walls?

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March 01, 2005

Q. I’m desperate for some balanced information. I’m putting new cement-based clapboard siding on my house on top of a plywood shell. The siding contractor said that he typically wraps the ... [continue reading]


One or Two Tanks?

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September 11, 2006

        Q. Is it cheaper for a homeowner to run one 100-gallon gas hot water tank or two 50-gallon tanks? There are six heavy water users in our household. How ... [continue reading]


Naturally Circulating Hot Water System

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September 07, 2008

Steve Greenberg is a facilities energy management engineer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a technical editor at Home Energy. Q: I have been having a discussion with a fellow worker concerning our house heating ... [continue reading]


Converting From Steam To Hot Water

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July 01, 2009

Q . Is it feasible to retrofit cast-iron single-pipe steam radiators to work on hot water from a new combined heating/domestic hot water (DHW) system?  And if so, would it ever make sense ... [continue reading]


Does Floor Insulation Performance Meet Expectations?

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March 01, 1994

If they are insulated at all, floors over crawlspaces or unconditioned spaces are insulated with fiberglass blankets or batts. [continue reading]


A Journey through the Gray Literature

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July 01, 1994

The energy efficiency business suffers from a critical shortage of reliable, unbiased technical data on new products and techniques. [continue reading]


The Great Presidio Bomb Caper

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July 01, 1996

Built in 1895 as a barracks, the building had been renovated several times over the century. Come 1994, it was serving as an office building. Deep in its cool basement sat a black briefcase, connected to power, with wires running to electrical panels and the boiler room. [continue reading]


New Technologies Showcased at E-Source Forum

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January 01, 1997

In the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Aspen, Colorado, about 250 members of the Boulder-based E-Source gathered for the ninth annual Members' Forum. [continue reading]

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