• Shadyside Passive

    Pittsburgh-based architecture firm, Thoughtful Balance (TB), decided to take a chance on the gut renovation of a 100-plus-year-old, 3,000 ft2 Victorian home.

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  • What the 2015 IECC Means for Contractors and Home Buyers

    Along with stricter energy goals, the 2015 IECC simplifies a home's energy efficiency for the average home buyer.

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  • Why Aren't We Building Better Houses?

    If simple passive measures were common and effective in the 1940s, why aren't they used by architects and home builders today?

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    Thoughtful Design Is the Key to Reducing Home Water Use

    Thoughtful Design Is the Key to Reducing Home Water Use

    By Amy Dryden

    Product selection and home design can have a dramatic impact on residential water use at minimal cost and effort. In California, for example, no ...
    What Aerosol Taught Us About Compartmentalization

    What Aerosol Taught Us About Compartmentalization

    By Sean Maxwell

    Every once in a while in my previous job at Steven Winter and Associates I got to work on something very cool with the ...
    Why Do We Need More Women?

    Why Do We Need More Women?

    By Amy Beley

    I love this industry. I stumbled into it just over ten years ago and have found the impact we as an industry can have ...
    Online Tool Ensures High-Quality Weatherization Work

    Online Tool Ensures High-Quality Weatherization Work

    By Deborah Lastowka and Heather Head

    The idea of using step-by-step descriptions to help workers understand what's needed to achieve a desired outcome is common in the fast-food industry—...
    The Evolution of Home Energy Management

    The Evolution of Home Energy Management

    By Charlie Hewitt

    In the hierarchy of dreaded activities, reviewing the monthly electricity bill ranks alongside stepping on the bathroom scale. ...
    Simple Sales Strategies

    Simple Sales Strategies

    By Mike Gorman

    Everyone was seated waiting for the train to depart when vendor #1 stood at the front of the car ...
    Home Control or Automation?

    Home Control or Automation?

    By Clint Stevens

    I have been involved in home automation heavily over the last few years. At my home in Utah, ...
    The Consequences of Flush Toilets

    The Consequences of Flush Toilets

    By Shawna Henderson

    So there's lots of excellent work and capacity building going on, and net zero energy, low energy, and ...

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