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  • The Evolution of Smart Home Performance

    Smart home technologies provide opportunities to increase residential energy savings.

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  • Tiny House, Tiny Energy? Part 1

    Tiny houses are an option for those who are carving out their own slice of happiness.

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  • Bits and Watts

    The streams of energy and information are becoming entangled, and dozens of innovations across a wide front mark the transformation.

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    Why Proof Will Be the New Normal // Part 1: Meet the First Family of Home Performance

    Why Proof Will Be the New Normal // Part 1: Meet the First Family of Home Performance

    By Griffin Hagle

    This is part 1 of a series of articles on Corbett Lunsford and Grace McPhillips Lunsford’s PROOF is POSSIBLE tiny house tour. Chances ...


    Wolfgang Frey “Passivhaus 101: Sustainable Architecture from the Inside Out” The founder of the PH movement worldwide believes that Passive Houses are anything ...
    Election Results and Analysis

    Election Results and Analysis

    By Kara Saul-Rinaldi and Joe Cullen

    In what was by all accounts a stunning upset, Donald Trump passed 279 electoral votes early Wednesday morning and ...
    Preparing for the New Refrigerant

    Preparing for the New Refrigerant

    By Jim Gunshinan

    PLACERVILLE, Calif. October 19, 2016 –Homeowners and businesses using air conditioning units manufactured before 2010 will face increasingly higher costs ...
    California's Home Performance Data Drought

    California's Home Performance Data Drought

    By Debra Little

    Every energy upgraded home has data. But it’s the story behind the data that gives it ...
    Bigger Steps

    Bigger Steps

    By Rick Barnett

    America’s first environmental legislation, the National Environmental Policy Act, was the result of escalating public demand ...

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