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    Hempcrete: Eco-Friendly and Unique

    Hempcrete: Eco-Friendly and Unique

    By Elena Gardner

    Using hemp as an insulator might seem far-fetched. Laughable even. But this green sustainable material just might be the answer to many builders’ ...
    Comparing and Contrasting Residential Green-Building Certifications

    Comparing and Contrasting Residential Green-Building Certifications

    By Brett Little

    In residential construction—much more than in commercial construction—there are a surprising number of green building rating systems. These systems have ...
    Getting Some Shade

    Getting Some Shade

    By Everest Fang

    You’re uncomfortable. You feel streaks of sweat starting to inch down your forehead, back, and neck. The sun is relentless. Frantically, you ...
    Deconstructing an Historic Home

    Deconstructing an Historic Home

    By Tom White

    This spring in New Orleans I hosted “True Tales of Haunted Home Performance,” my first session at an ACI National Home Performance ...
    Seaming with Industrial Tape: Q&A with Risa Edelstein

    Seaming with Industrial Tape: Q&A with Risa Edelstein

    By Macie Melendez

    Recently we got the opportunity to speak with Risa Edelstein, an expert on barrier seaming with adhesive tape. ...
    New Building Envelope Sealing Technology Previewed at First Annual Aeroseal Success Summit

    New Building Envelope Sealing Technology Previewed at First Annual Aeroseal Success Summit

    By Brad Brenner

    A new building envelope sealing technology designed to effectively seal the outer ...
    PHIUS Receives Grant From MacArthur Foundation for Affordable Multifamily Housing

    PHIUS Receives Grant From MacArthur Foundation for Affordable Multifamily Housing

    By Michael Knezovich

    On the heels of its 10th Annual North American Passive House conference, ...
    The NASCSP Landscape

    The NASCSP Landscape

    By Jim Gunshinan

    That’s the National Association for State Community Services Programs, which held its annual training conference September 16...

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