• Lessons from the Phased Deep Retrofit Project

    Between 2012 and 2014, DOE sponsored a study of 60 all-electric Florida homes to establish annual energy and peak energy reductions from shallow and deep retrofits.

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  • All-Electric is the Past and Future

    The trend to electrify buildings is accelerating because they're cheaper to build, and in most states they are cheaper to operate.

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  • A Tribute to Lydia Gill Polley

    Lydia Gill Polley was a gentle but forthright giant in the wonderful world of energy education and staff development training.

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    Barry Vogel: Home Performance Pioneer

    Barry Vogel: Home Performance Pioneer

    By Mariel Wolfson

    Have you ever dreamed about buying a plot of land and building a cabin, a retreat, or even your year-round home? Barry Vogel, an ...
    Tiny House, Tiny Energy? Part II

    Tiny House, Tiny Energy? Part II

    By Kevin Beck

    This is part 2 of a two-part series on Tiny Houses. Another concern with building and living in a tiny house that could affect the ...
    If You Sell Electricity, You Should Be Worried

    If You Sell Electricity, You Should Be Worried

    By Alan Meier

    Any way you look at it, residential electricity use in America is falling. Recent data from the Energy Information Administration show that electricity use ...
    HPC Working For You Series: Federal Policy

    HPC Working For You Series: Federal Policy

    By Kara Saul-Rinaldi

    The Home Performance Coalition (HPC) undertakes policy research and policy advocacy to advance whole-house energy efficiency retrofits. This ...
    Get Smart: Leveraging Electric and Gas Smart-Meter Experience

    Get Smart: Leveraging Electric and Gas Smart-Meter Experience

    By Mike Wayman

    Water utilities have been slower to adopt smart meters and related infrastructure than their electric and gas counterparts. ...
    Micro-housing for Veterans

    Micro-housing for Veterans

    By Rob Solomon, on behalf of GoFundMe

    That was our pledge in the military and in my time as a police officer. When you retire ...
    A Closer Look at Connecticut's Zero Energy Homebuilding Competition

    A Closer Look at Connecticut's Zero Energy Homebuilding Competition

    By Amber Schilberg, on behalf of Energize Connecticut

    At the Better Buildings By Design conference, Ann Edminster spoke about the growing interest in net-zero-energy buildings saying, &...

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