• Radon Mitigation: A Business Opportunity

    Radon is easily measured and mitigated, making it a potential add-on service for a home performance contractor.

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  • Natural Gas Is Becoming Less Attractive

    Not only is natural gas not as environmentally friendly as we thought, the leakage during extraction, transmission, and storage is much greater.

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  • Sustainable Resilience

    In the summer of 2005, shortly after buying what he thought would be his dream house, Ron Notes realized he had a problem.

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  • Mitigating Climate Change and Addressing Social Justice

    The story of one housing developer that builds environmentally conscious, affordable housing for society's underprivileged.

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    Better Measurements, Better Models: Advances in Measuring and Predicting Thermal Performance

    Better Measurements, Better Models: Advances in Measuring and Predicting Thermal Performance

    By Chris Schumacher

    As 2-D and 3-D modeling to predict building performance becomes more widespread, we need to consider what data are feeding those models. At this ...
    Momentum in the Healthy-Homes Movement

    Momentum in the Healthy-Homes Movement

    By Dana Bartolomei and Michael Bodaken

    Integrating Energy Efficiency with Healthy-Home Upgrades
    Zero Energy Homes: Economical and Eco-Friendly

    Zero Energy Homes: Economical and Eco-Friendly

    By Nicholas Jones and Jennifer Parsons

    As global concern about energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and depletion of non-renewable resources continues to rise, more ...
    10 Ways for Contractors to Be More Professional

    10 Ways for Contractors to Be More Professional

    By Gabe Lieb

    As with other client businesses, when it comes to making it as a contractor, professionalism is everything. Rightly ...
    Designing Turtletown: Part 1

    Designing Turtletown: Part 1

    By Kenneth Black

    We have all had an idea about the place we live and a desire to improve it in ...
    No B.S.

    No B.S.

    By Anthony Denzer

    Homebuilders impress me. I know many; they’re great people. Honest, hardworking. They have a lot of ...

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