• A Net Zero Energy Home Grows Up

    In 2005, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver teamed up with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to design and build a net zero energy (NZE) home.

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  • Heating Loads: Upstairs Versus Downstairs

    An investigation into why two-story buildings with open staircases use significantly more heat downstairs than upstairs.

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  • Microhousing: A Lived and Learned Experience

    Leah Hodgson describes the experience of designing, building, and living in a microhouse built on a 5-foot x 8-foot trailer bed.

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    The Home Performance Forum

    The Home Performance Forum

    By David Butler

    The Home Performance Coalition (HPC) recently launched the Home Performance Forum, where members discuss topics in their respective fields. These topics include building systems; ...
    Bits and Watts, Watts and Bits

    Bits and Watts, Watts and Bits

    By Alan Meier

    More and more, the streams of energy and information are becoming entangled. No single event heralds this merger; instead, dozens of innovations across a ...
    Why Proof Will Be the New Normal // Part 4: A Hook for Home Performance

    Why Proof Will Be the New Normal // Part 4: A Hook for Home Performance

    By Griffin Hagle

    Corbett and Grace have their work cut out for them. In a decade that has seen employment in the solar-energy sector surge to over 260,000 ...
    The Big Bounce

    The Big Bounce

    By Elizabeth Grant

    When the sunlight bounces off the roof, where does it go?
    HPC Working For You Series: Federal Policy

    HPC Working For You Series: Federal Policy

    By Kara Saul-Rinaldi

    The Home Performance Coalition (HPC) undertakes policy research and policy advocacy to advance whole-house energy efficiency retrofits. This ...
    Micro-housing for Veterans

    Micro-housing for Veterans

    By Rob Solomon, on behalf of GoFundMe

    That was our pledge in the military and in my time as a police officer. When you retire ...
    A Closer Look at Connecticut's Zero Energy Homebuilding Competition

    A Closer Look at Connecticut's Zero Energy Homebuilding Competition

    By Amber Schilberg, on behalf of Energize Connecticut

    At the Better Buildings By Design conference, Ann Edminster spoke about the growing interest in net-zero-energy buildings saying, &...
    Angry Air!

    Angry Air!

    By Paul Raymer

    John Tooley said, “Air is like crooked rivers, crooked people, teenagers, and cheap labor. It always seeks ...

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