• HERO Program Adds Value

    Communities across the country are pursuing programs that promote energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • A Solar Myth Bites the Dust

    After doing the math, PV and a heat pump appeared to beat solar thermal for water heating.

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  • The Body and Soul of Connected Devices

    This year’s harvest of Internet-connected devices is larger, more diverse, and often more complicated than ever.

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  • Net Zero Energy Manufactured Homes May Be on Their Way

    Results from a 15-month study compare the real-world performance of the DOE Zero Energy Ready home with that of two other manufactured homes.

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    Water Heating in All-Electric Homes

    Water Heating in All-Electric Homes

    By Robb Aldrich

    When I started working in the home energy field (in the mid-1990s), I never imagined I’d be suggesting that all-electric homes ...
    Low-E Storm Windows Home Weatherization Measure

    Low-E Storm Windows Home Weatherization Measure

    By Theresa Gilbride and Katherine Cort

    One recent addition to the cost-effective efficiency measures available for home retrofits is low-e storm windows. These high-performing window attachments are up to 25% more ...
    Fortune Favors the Cold: Sustainable Arctic Shelters in the Twilight of Oil

    Fortune Favors the Cold: Sustainable Arctic Shelters in the Twilight of Oil

    By Griffin Hagle

    On a sunny 90°F day in late July, my girlfriend and I pedaled our bikes toward the St. John’s Bridge in ...
    NESEA Hudson Valley Group May 2016 Monastery Retrofit Workshop

    NESEA Hudson Valley Group May 2016 Monastery Retrofit Workshop

    By Luis Hernandez

    NESEA Hudson Valley Group welcomes you to ourspring 2016 Monastery Workshop Series. The main purpose of this project ...
    Our Relationship Status with Sustainability: It's Complicated

    Our Relationship Status with Sustainability: It's Complicated

    By Shawna Henderson

    I was going to write today about the range of energy efficient and sustainable housing standards and programs ...
    Sewage Heat Recovery

    Sewage Heat Recovery

    By Lynn Mueller

    Environmental awareness is spreading across countries like a slow, yet steady, fire. Enterprises that focus on energy saving ...
    To Certify or Not to Certify? A Good Question

    To Certify or Not to Certify? A Good Question

    By Rob Nicely

    Our rationale of following the path of Passive House, LEED, Zero Net Energy, Living Building Challenge or other ...

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